RCL is a common lisp interface to R, using CFFI (hosted on

I partially implemented as well a common lisp interface to matlab, re-using the design of the R package R.matlab.

I'm publishing here as well the result of playing with cl-pdf and cl-typesetting.

In 2005 I extended Edi Weitz's CL-GD interface to use CLISP's FFI in addition to UFFI. I don't think this is useful anymore, as CLISP is already supported via CFFI in the 5.x releases. Anyway, here it is: cl-gd-clisp-0.4.8.tgz contains the files added/modified with respect to CL-GD 0.4.8 (a local copy of that particular release is also available: cl-gd-0.4.8.tgz).